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Chiu-Ki and I gave a workshop last year called Technically Speaking – From Conference Proposal to Submit, and we meant to do more with it… and then never did. But luckily, Mozilla reached out to us about doing a workshop as part of their Tech Speakers program (such a great initiative – see this blog post from last year). So we took what we learned last year, re-ordered things a bit, switched up the exercises for the homework, and ended up giving it three times in a week.

It was super fun! The first time giving a workshop is always quite stressful – for starters, you can never be sure how your timings are going to work once you add actual people! But we had a pretty good base to build on from last year, so that made it easier. We’d allowed time between events to learn and change stuff, but didn’t feel like we needed to make any major changes, so that was awesome.

And then co-presenting is another kind of stress. It’s super fun but challenging to present with Chiu-Ki. Super fun because we know each other well and always have a blast! Challenging because we have wildly different styles – of presenting, slides, and preparation. We heard that’s part of what makes it good for the attendees though – because we complement each other, and showcase different ways of doing things. It’s a good exercise for us to push each other out of our normal ways of doing things.

Anyway we had a lot of fun! And we’re super excited to see all the amazing people from our workshops giving talks in 2017… and beyond!

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