Changing Paces

I’m a little… tired and uninspired lately. Not at work – but at not-work. Once home, I’m not driven to write, or code, or read that stack of papers. I’m actually reading novels. I’ve been beating myself up for procrastination. Wondering, how do you tell the difference between being a little burnt out and needing […]

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Unreasonable Expectations for my Calendar


At the moment I’m trying to work out where I’m going to be for the next two months. A trip to New York is fixed, but a trip to Europe is not. And then there’s the maybe on Utah… too many dependencies! I find scheduling things stressful – the CompSci in me wants to find […]

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Smart Calendars

Calendar for w/c January 18th

Below is a picture of my schedule for this week: Bear in mind, that the scheduled times are typically those when I am not working – yes I am a little stressed, and incredibly unsympathetic to people who tell me they don’t have time to do things because they are “too busy”. I’ve had to […]

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