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No Novel November (2014)

Like last year, I felt like I had been reading too many novels, and so as November approached I challenged myself to repeat last year’s experiment: No Novel November. It went less well than last year for a couple of reasons. I actually cracked and read a novel (Nov 26). I watched the entire of […]


Things That Annoy Me When Reading Novels

I’ve been reading a lot of novels lately (oh hai, lurgy). And I enjoy the escapism but often find myself exclaiming WHAT WHY WHAT NO. Some of the things that cause that… Drippy protagonists who want nothing other than a relationship, or put up with a terrible relationship for a long time. First kiss to […]

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Experiment: No Novel November

There was a period, thankfully a brief one, when I was spending $100 a week on Kindle Books. I know, shocking. I was reading them too, mostly novels. I’ve since started tracking my expenditure on books more – limiting myself to a $100 a month budget, which was helping me not purchase quite so many […]


A Rant About Novels

I’m tired of reading novels about drippy pathetic women waiting for a man to rescue them. There are the truly awful – Twilight, for example, “one woman’s difficult choice between beastiality and necrophilia”. Or the horrifying 50 Shades. By all means, let us have erotica, but what is sexy about a pathetic, spineless woman being […]