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#iOSDevUK: Marcus Zarra – Not Invented Here

Saw woman texting with a T9 phone. Stopped, looked, made sure he saw what he really saw. Presenting from a phone. First presentation, used a projector. Amazing how far we have come. Generally known as an opinionated person. Don’t speak in wishy washy words, very boolean. Either believe or don’t believe. If not, just shut […]

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#iOSDevUK: Hacking Health

My notes from the talk Emily gave at iOSDevUK. What are health apps? Step counters Fitness trackers Diabetes apps Heart rate monitors Bluetooth enabled medical devices Apple and Google have decided this is where the future is. Gone in. Apple, Healthkit. Google, GFit. Standardized APIs getting information with defined types, centralised storage. Enables gathering data […]