#iOSDevUK: Natasha Murashev – The Swift Architect


My notes from @NatashaTheRobot‘s talk at iOSDevUK. 2014 – when swift came out. Everyone was like what’s going on? People clapped but hesitant. Some people were unhappy. Especially people who had just learned Objective-C. Scary time. Everything I know has changed. Genius with swift is it looks very familiar. If you have worked with any […]

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#iOSDevUK: Maxim Cramer – Users Don’t Bite

Credit: Wikipedia

First thing learned when starting to make apps. Was making an app about beauty products. Went looking for people who would purchase beauty products (Oxford Street!) started in Starbucks. Asked for 5 minutes. People were really nice, if it wasn’t for them wouldn’t have discovered how hard it was for people to get to the […]

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#iOSDevUK: Tehila Sabag: Mobile Monetization – Navigating in a Free Eco-System

no ads

My notes from Tehila’s talk at iOSDevUK. StartApp – mobile monetisation platform. Brains and beauty of the mobile industry. Right ad, right time, right user. Using BA tools and data. Beauty side – most engaging and appealing ads. How do you make your app stand out in a crowd? How do I retain the user? […]

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#iOSDevUK – Luke Rogers: The Logic of App Design

Design is a skill you can learn, the same way development is a skill you can learn. Design is not about making it look pretty, small percentage of it. About working out hierarchy, working out what is important. Brainstorm what the user should be able to do. Not “have analytics” Instead “watch a video” Order […]

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#iOSDevUK: Hamish Allan – The Pareto Principle

80/20 modular framing

App store offered a way for people who were interested in writing software to make money from writing software. Have recently found need to do more advertising. Even more recently, take on more and more contract work. Identify as devs, but need to learn more sides of running a business. Pareto principle is thing that […]

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iOSDevUK: Kenton Price: Teaching Your Client Android Design or Don’t be an iPhoney

android fragmentation 2014

The problem: Android devs generally given designs for iPhone. “But that’s just like Android, right?” Rid the world of these iPhoney apps now. Used to be like windows apps on Apple. People still do iOS first, Android is an afterthought. Android users want Android apps. Android users can tell when it’s an iPhone port. Android […]

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#iOSDevUK – Sally Shepard: Beyond VoiceOver

Surprise Attack

My notes from Sally Shepard‘s talk on Accessibility at iOSDevUK. It was really good, I thought I knew quite a bit about a11y but actually only VoiceOver really, so I learned a lot. Her slides are here. Passionate about accessibility, accessibility issues in family. Myths: Not that many people. Time consuming. Too complicated. Don’t know how […]

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#iOSDevUK: Jon Reid – Controlling Dependencies to Enable TDD

digital wires

My notes from John Reid‘s talk at iOSDevUK. Barriers to TDD. Two primary: Not knowing what it is. Rejecting it as silly without giving it a try. A good try, as there is a learning curve. It will slow you down at first. If you give up before the payoff then you will say “oh […]

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#iOSDevUK – Martin Pilkington: Thinking in NSLayoutContraints

cat in a box

My notes from Pilky’s iOSDevUK talk. It was so good that after watching it I actually thought I understood AutoLayout (I later discovered I was wrong). His slides (and notes) are here. What is AutoLayout? Constraint based layout system. Define relationships between views. Into in Max OS X 1.07, iOS 6. Makes previously complex layout […]

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#iOSDevUK: UIKit Dynamics

simulation of the world exploding

My notes from Simon‘s excellent talk at iOSDevUK [his slides]. Physics for UIKit. “Visual layers and realistic motion impart vitality and heighten users’ delight and understanding” Buttons used to look like buttons, now they don’t. Don’t have visual cues. Compensate using Dynamics to add some motion. Not for flappy birds. Has tried it, can get […]

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