Getting KIF Set Up

Kif tests running

Continuing my obsessive testing strategy, I had to set up KIF for UI Automation Tests. Honestly it’s surprising I didn’t do it earlier, but since the UI is very simple I was getting better ROI doing unit tests – I see KIF as a sanity check, not as a way to debug anything. Step 1: […]

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iOS Testing: Handling Asynchronous Code


I was handling a common occurrence when doing something that takes a noticeable amount of time on iOS. Show loading UI. Do work. Transition to post-work UI. To make the experience better (so that it doesn’t lock up), I pushed 2 onto the background thread, and then had to push 3 back on to the […]

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The Entire Dev Team is Sick

I’m working on an app right now. I’ve been working on it since I escaped my gilded cage, modulo distractions – consulting, travel, talks, writing. It’s fun, working on my idea, and thankfully I met a great designer so it’s not going to be Developer Art. And it’s cool. I’ve had a working demo for a while […]

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Better Testing of View Controllers on iOS: Part 2

bunny in a bowl

When I previously wrote about better testing of view controllers on iOS I alluded briefly to the strategy of breaking the ViewController into a ViewController and a Presenter. Again, I won’t go into mocking here, but you need a mocking framework and some understanding of what mocking is for this to make sense. Currently, I’m using OCMock. […]

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Better Testing of View Controllers on iOS

When I started testing iOS apps, which shamefully was not when I started writing iOS apps, I discovered the biggest impediment to thorough testing on iOS was the View Controller, and it’s mix of UI code, and not. Now I’m working on my first independent app (yay!) of course I am writing extensive unit tests. I won’t […]

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#iOSDevUK: UIKit Dynamics

simulation of the world exploding

My notes from Simon‘s excellent talk at iOSDevUK [his slides]. Physics for UIKit. “Visual layers and realistic motion impart vitality and heighten users’ delight and understanding” Buttons used to look like buttons, now they don’t. Don’t have visual cues. Compensate using Dynamics to add some motion. Not for flappy birds. Has tried it, can get […]

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