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Part 2: Who’s Talking About the Future of Newspapers?

After breaking down the overall types of tweets from people, next step was to create scatter plots of their activity. Unfortunately, Excel will only plot 250 data points – how unreasonable! Luckily I love breaking Excel and coding something that will do what I want it to do and look prettier, so voila. Color scheme: […]

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My Journal is Online

Now that my iPhone is unlocked (yay!) and has a data plan, I can play Foursquare. Which is exciting for me, but I know some people hate it and my boyfriend has been getting all angsty about giving up my privacy for nothing. The thing is though, I love tracking things. I track the applications […]

Mycrocosm Reflections

Tracking Things

For a while now, I’ve been tracking something I’m describing “day in one word” on Mycrocosm. Thing is, by the end of each day I’m judging myself harshly and finding myself inadequate so looking at the data it seems I’m pretty miserable – and yet I think I’m fairly happy. After a good sleep, I […]


Information -> Data -> Meaning

Clay Shirky wrote about this in Here Comes Everybody; the arrival of the printing press and how it changed everything. To summarize: when the printing press was invented the Church flipped out because they realized that they would no longer be in control of the information (namely, the Bible) that people had available to them. […]