Item: One Passport

I keep my passport in a case that says “without this I’m nothing”. I love this case, because I love the friend who gave it to me, and because that is exactly how I feel about my passport. I’m sure in German there’s a word for the adventurer’s fear of being separated from their passport. I […]

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Other People, and Travelling Alone

You smell really good, pretty kitty!

My friend and I have been planning a South American adventure in Santiago. I had just finalised all my flights and then she told me… she had been accepted to speak at a really awesome conference and it clashed with our plans. After we discussed the situation together, she concluded that, ironically, it was thanks to my […]

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March is a Whirlwind

Danbo's adventure in Korea

January and February was for me a quiet period of focused productivity. I moved the needle on a bunch of projects, and I’m excited to push them out into the world. I love these periods, but I start to worry that my life – and therefore me – is boring. I crave adventure, excitement. And […]

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Thousands of Miles and There You Are

Danbo enjoy viewing Tokyo Sky Tree

I read a novel recently about this girl who spends a season in each of the four corners of the UK. Written before Eat Pray Love, it’s part of that genre – about travelling to find yourself. I hear some people hate Eat Pray Love but I personally adored it. Maybe it’s time to re-read […]

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Finding Interesting Things To Do

My friend and I went on an adventure to see an abandoned theme park in Berlin. It’s pretty cool. Eerie. The wind blows the ferris wheel slowly around. It makes a creaking sound from a long time without maintenance. We could not go inside, but we peeked in through the fence and marvelled. I love being a […]

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Things I Love About Travelling Alone

danbo adventure

I love the freedom of travelling solo. Sleeping alone. Waking up whenever. Not having an itinerary, every morning I wake up and ask myself “what do I want to do today?” and sometimes the answer is nothing. This is OK. Freedom from social responsibilities. No need to talk. No social pressure, imaginary or real, no […]

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Exciting News

danbo nature

Sometimes you have to do the scary thing. So here it is: I’m leaving Google at the end of the month. Will post more about The Plan at a later date, but for now suffice it to say I’ll be working on some personal projects that I’d love to see if I could turn in to something, and […]

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How To Be More Adventurous

Credit: flickr / a4gpa

I love that my How I Learned To Love Solo Travel post is still going on Medium and had something of a bounce again recently. And I guess it had to happen, finally someone points out that I wasn’t really being that adventurous. Fair enough, although I’m not interested in any man’s thoughts on the […]

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