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2 Months of Photo Blogging

Since January first, I’ve been posting a picture a day on Now I’ve been doing it for long enough to consider it a proper project, I asked one of my colleagues for a suggestion for a better theme, and she suggested this one – Cubic. I really like it.

An incomplete list of what I’m getting out of it:

  • Using the WordPress apps every day.
  • Doing so in less controlled environments: blogging in spare moments and odd places (e.g. On the chairlift whilst skiing).
  • Thinking more about media, what a good media experience looks like.
  • Revisiting older photos.
  • Being present and capturing photos of today.
  • Doing more editing of photos. I’m using the 16:9 ratio a lot lately.
  • Using more pictures I took on this blog, too.
  • Playing more with Android camera. There are some bugs, but I love when it creates panoramas for me.

A lot of New Years resolutions go nowhere. But this one seems to be sticking. How about you?