I arranged things so that I could disconnect for most of October, deciding to also not do any public writing (just WTHIC). I achieved a long term life goal of visiting Tuvalu (the only ever public WTHIC). It was good to get so far away from everything (it took 4 days to get to Tuvalu), and have the flight out as a deadline that was a forcing function to complete things before I left, or not do them at all. I feel so much better for having this time to myself. I hoped that I would use it to be creative, but I didn’t. I used it to explore, and relax. I read a lot of novels. I slept a lot.


I was a judge for a startup competition and did some work on Technically Speaking.


Sent WTHIC letters from BUD, LHR, FUN, SUV, NAN, and SYD.
Four new issues of Technically Speaking [Oct 4], [Oct 11] [Oct 18] [Oct25].

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