This Week



2 day staycation in Medellin which was great. Really like my new apartment, and the location, although it’s annoyingly loud at night which is messing with my sleep. Joined a new gym, which is cool, and has an amazing view (photo above) – been really nice to work out again!

Super happy because Just Say No to Thankless Emotional Labour tshirts have been arriving and people have been sending me selfies!


Mainly preparing to have my whole team in town next week – super excited!

Really happy now that I have prepped my last new talk for the year – I feel like I have free’d up a bunch of cognitive capacity and I’m excited to see what I do with it! For now, I’ve been writing a bunch of tests for Show and Hide on Android, which I’m really happy about.

Working on some Secret Technically Speaking projects.


Going to all my favourite places in one of my favourite cities! Breakfast and tea at Como Pez en el Agua, meals at Tabun and Sushi Market and Carmen.


Reading First Break All the Rules, and catching up on the final season of The Good Wife. Also watching How I Met Your Mother.

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