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Working out a lot – enjoying being used to the altitude and no longer being sick! Starting to stress about next trip – packing everything up and moving out again, about needing to finish my talk (argh).

Went to the spa, different one this time, which was really nice. I got a massage and a chocolate body scrub – amazing.


Hectic and only going to be more hectic next week. I feel like my attention span is better than it was last week though, which is nice. Probably being sick didn’t help!

Men in tech continue to be obnoxious but thankfully none of the ones I work with.


Went to the Modern Art Museum which was cool, art exhibition by a really cool woman – Débora Arango, and it’s always nice to see earlier Feminist Art. The other artist with a large amount of work there was Antonio Caro. Caro also means expensive in Spanish, and it’s interesting how he uses that wordplay in his art.

Now I’ve found places that I like to eat I’ve just been going back to them. Kinda nice to feel like I’ve explored and I can just go back to places I like. I know there’s more to see and I’ll keep exploring… but not needing to every week is really nice.


Watching How I Met Your Mother Season 6, and catching up on The Good Wife (love that show). Still plodding through One Strategy (getting stuff out of it though), and reading The Runaway Bridesmaid which had a nice story idea, but the writing is like, why use 2 words when you can use 10? The excessive use of flowery adjectives is stressing me out.

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A new edition of Technically Speaking is out.

I made a storify of that one time when I… live tweeted a date with a misogynist.

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I’m all for calling out bad behaviour but I do hope you realise that all the “not 5’7″ and men lie about…size” stuff from the live tweeted date is falling into some of the same patterns you’re complaining about.

Of course this doesn’t excuse his attitude either.

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