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Getting used to the altitude and trying to find a rhythm where I swim in the evening. Went to the spa which I really needed. Trying to be better about one day a week no computer, and getting back to reading a novel a week. Last weekend I went to the Botanical Gardens.

I bought myself some flowers which is nice – been a long time since I was still for long enough to have flowers, and jam (approaching Peak Domestication here), and also a new swim suit and a bunch of stuff from Clinique.


Great! My boss or I will do a call with anyone underrepresented in tech working on mobile this month who wants one , I did my first one already and it was awesome.

We reopened sales of Technically Speaking tshirts, available until February 24th.

I’m speaking at Self.Conference in Detroit in May! Super excited about this.


Went to In Situ restaurant at the Botanical Gardens, which was nice, and La Provincia which was a lovely way to follow the spa. Had brunch at Ganso and Castor, which was lovely, and where I found the jam.


Still reading One Strategy, watching How I Met Your Mother season 5. Read All The Difference (loved this – about how one choice changes things, or doesn’t), and The One That Got Away (I liked this, until it got to the woman didn’t believe in man who had previously behaved badly, had to make up for it).

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A new edition of Technically Speaking is out.

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