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In Paris for New Year’s, came for some solitude and culture. I’m enjoying the break from the intensity and that other people are also on a break and making a point to connect with friends online, if not IRL! Nice to get back into the gym again, too!

Trying to figure out how one packs to kinda but not exactly move to South America for 6 months. Which mainly means: worrying but doing very little about it. I did manage to cancel 2 gym memberships though, which is something.

I registered the domain, which I’m redirecting to a newsletter I started. The idea: in 2016, I send a note from everywhere I leave. Maybe just a picture and a favourite place (like a digital postcard!), maybe more.


Bit of hiring stuff and logistics (travel, ai), but mostly focusing on personal projects. Sent out a new Android build of Show and Hide (finally), and trying to finish and close some loops on things.


Read The Royal We (quite sweet), started re-reading Uncertainty, but decided I didn’t need to re-read it (probably not helped by accidentally starting 2/3 of the way through) and now reading Giving Notice: Why the Best and Brightest are Leaving the Workplace and How You Can Help them Stay (eye opening).

Catching up on The Good Wife, Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, and the latest season of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

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