This Week


Last few days in Seattle, which was (as always) wonderful. I saw the new Star Wars movie which was a bit inexplicable of me, and spent as much time as possible with friends old and new before I had to leave.

I understand there was some kind of holiday this week. I mostly slept through it.


Work is great. Still figuring it all out, but I feel good about it – and appreciated – which really matters to me.

More fun at Glowforge. They left me alone with the laser. Hilarity ensued. I actually made my first solo-Glowforge creation, including using Illustrator (!!!) which was exciting.


Finished Everybody Rise, which I didn’t really enjoy and I’m glad it’s over, and The Year of Yes, which was amazing.

Watching the latest Big Bang Theory and Modern Family.

I watched Sisters which was hilarious and I loved, and the new Star Wars which didn’t make much sense to me but I went with great people, and the little robot was cute.

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A new edition of Technically Speaking is out.

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