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Started the week in Seattle, where I got to catch up with friends (yay!), then headed to Medellin, Colombia, and finished the week at Toronto airport for the last 2 flights back to Europe. I was feeling like I had transcended sleep and food, but then I was a little bit poisoned by peanuts and that left me feeling a bit wrung out. I got to hang out with my friend Linda at the airport though, which was awesome! People in general have been very kind to me this week, so I have warm fuzzies about the world.


Spent time with Glowforge and we did a #ladiesandlasers event, which was super fun. Some other stuff that I’m not ready to talk about publicly yet.

Really looking forward to November being Hard Focus time – I have a bunch of nearly finished things that I want to ship. Also I haven’t been coding that much the last couple of weeks, and I really miss it.

We did a Technically Speaking webinar about creating inclusive presentations, which was really fun.


In Seattle I stayed at the Westin, Saw Brandi Carlile at the Paramount Theatre which was so cool! Ate sushi at Umi Sake HouseDragonfish Asian Cafe and Wasabi Bistro. Had breakfast at Lola‘s (twice!) and croissant at Le Panier.

In Medellin I stayed at the Diez hotel. I wasn’t a big fan but they did poison me with peanut potato, so… and went to Casablanca where there was vast quantities of meat. Delicious though!

At Toronto airport I stayed at the Alt Hotel which is convenient and the bed is super cosy. And not moving – really a vast improvement on the planes I have been sleeping on lately. Had sushi at Sushi Ya, which was fab.


Watching The Mindy Project. Still reading The Truth About Burnout, and also reading The Reinvention of Mimi Finnegan which I’m not super enjoying.

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A new edition of Technically Speaking is out.

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