This Week



Talking to my freelancer friends, it’s clear the first year is the hardest and there are some bad decisions that we all end up making for ourselves. For me this week has been a week of accepting those bad decisions and their consequences, and I’ve been feeling really shitty as a result. I have a plan, and things will be OK. But it’s been a forcing function to ask: what am I going to do beyond the end of 2015?

This actually caused me to fall off The Schedule for the first time in… a long time. Just because I couldn’t.

In better news, I finally met the 10th man in tech I don’t hate. Exciting to “complete” that project! I will write more about it soon.


Started the week in Ottawa, moderating a panel at Beyond the Code (storify of live tweets) and ended the week in Berlin giving a talk at JSConfEU (storify of live tweets).

Mainly just bits and pieces and preparation – caught up with some admin stuff. I’m really excited to get back to writing code, so that will be Monday, before I catch a plane to NYC on Tuesday.

We hosted a technically speaking webinar again this week, after a bit of a hiatus to prep for our in person workshop. It was super fun!

Super excited Glowforge launched! You can order yours here.


Still reading the review copy of Present finished Fairytale Beginnings.

Product links Amazon.


A new edition of Technically Speaking is out.

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