This Week



It’s been a joke for a while that my friends can’t keep up with where I am, but I finally lost track of my own travel. I was in the UK all week and thought I was flying Friday but I was actually flying Saturday. Discovered trying to check in on Thursday morning! But random free day – amazing. I designated it as a “no-computer day” (haven’t had one of those in a while, although I didn’t manage to completely stick to it) and worked out with my trainer and got a massage (2nd of the week) that left me completely blissed out. Ended the week in Canada, hanging out with friends.

Other than that things were boring, just worked and worked out. I am scheduled up until September 27th, but not sure what comes after that, yet.


Wrote lots of code this week, was really nice to be still and get to focus! Most of it on client work, but did get some time to work on Show and Hide – mostly branding stuff.

Worked on the last bits of the panel I’m running on Monday. I will blog about this, but prepping a panel is a lot of work. Also finishing off my talk for JSConfEU next week.

I’m going to GHC! As a CapOne hosted blogger. I’m pretty psyched about this, because I was reconciled to not going and then this came up – amazing.


Finished watching Season 8 of Big Bang Theory (that finale!), nearly at the end of Covert Affairs Season 5 (I loved this show but I’m OK with no season 6). Still reading the review copy of Present, finished The Coincidence of Coconut Cake, read Four of A Kind, and just started on Fairytale Beginnings.


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