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After getting back to the UK from DC (via Frankfurt – my favourite sandwich), I drove to Aberystwith via Cadbury land (so fun). Drove back, dropped car off at my parent’s place, and caught a train to London. Spent a day there for a conference, and a second hanging out, and now I have big plans to not go anywhere until I fly to Canada… next Friday. But still got to hang out with lots of friends all week which was awesome.

Basically I am exhausted and stressed and cursing past-Cate for her poor decision making. Future-Cate will be wiser. Probably.


Just trying to stay on top of Things with the amount of rushing around I’ve been doing. E.g. filing the VAT return etc. Organising (or having someone else organise) my travel for Canada next week. Worked with designer for a day and there’s a new build of Show and Hide that I’m excited about.  Sponsorship for Technically Speaking is going well, which is exciting.

Starting to have some interesting conversations about what I might do next year.


Went to Cadbury World which was exciting! In Aberystwyth had dinner at Baravin, the Marine Hotel (well I didn’t eat, it looked unappealing), the Hafod Hotel (okay). Got lunch at the Bateman Arms on my way back where they misunderstood my order, and charged me for the more expensive thing I didn’t order, but at least it was very tasty. In London I stayed at the St Ermins hotel which is fancy. Wasn’t a big fan though because they didn’t give me a King bed, and my friend had bed bugs which made me super anxious (although I’m not covered in bite marks, so I guess my room was OK!) Ate at Thai Square (so delicious and excellent beverages) and Veeraswamy (amazing).


Still reading a review copy of Present, and also The Coincidence of Coconut Cake.

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A new edition of Technically Speaking is out.

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