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we have beers as cold as your ex's heart


Last days in Croatia which was amazing. Met up with someone From The Internet which was fun! Did a bit of shopping etc. I need to go back again for a longer trip. One awesome thing that happened: I was in an art gallery of amazing paintings that are painted on glass, layer by layer. The woman said I was the first person to come in and spend a long time gazing at the art, and that she wanted to give me a present. She gave me a beautiful coffee table book.

Back in the UK I am back to my hermit-like existence of working and working out.


Lots to do! Just cracking on and doing it. My personal projects pretty much ended up on hold in June because I had so much client work on, trying to get back to them. There are too many things right now within sight of shipping… but not shipped.

The good news is: when I launched the workshop I set a revenue goal that would make it a worthwhile experiment, and it hit that this week. An anonymous benefactor sponsored some copies for students/underemployed, and the last one of those was given away.

It’s July so I’m blogging again!

I’m speaking at iOS Dev Camp DC.


Still watching the West Wing. Still reading Just Fucking Ship.

Product Links Amazon.


A new edition of Technically Speaking is out.

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