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Back from France (was nearly trapped there! Was sufficiently desperate I actually flew Ryanair), and then spent the weekend in London. Mostly work but also got to catch up with some friends, which was great.


So hectic. Lots of client work, and started on this development project which will take up a lot of my time in June. Also reached a milestone on one of my personal projects, which was exciting. Made some progress on Show and Hide on Android and iOS.

Got accepted to speak at 360i Dev and have another two talks in the works that should be confirmed soon!


Finished Essentialism (interesting), also read Wear Sunscreen, reading Author Publisher Entrepreneur. Novel: read What Becomes of the Broken Hearted.

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Stayed at the Hilton London Metropole which was terrible – took about an hour to check in, the free internet didn’t work (there’s paid internet but if the free internet doesn’t function I don’t trust that either), and I was woken at 230am one night by the fire alarm. Dreadful. Good location though!

Had lunch at Steak and Lobster, and dinner at Plum and Spilt Milk (so tasty), dim sum at Ping Pong (love) and dinner at the Green Room (lovely), brunch at Granger and Co (love that place), and afternoon tea at The Bloomsbury Hotel.


A new edition of Technically Speaking is out.

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