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A Small Focus Hack

Happy New Year Danbo
Credit: Flickr / Leland Francisco

I decided that my word for 2015 was “ship”. Part of this is that it’s easy to flounder in an unstructured environment (which I did a bit at the end of 2014). The way I decided to solve this was to give myself structure, and goals.

How do you measure bigger milestones though? It makes sense to have a separate place, away from how we manage our todo lists.

My strategy: a simple text document. At the top a list of projects or significant milestones I’m working towards.

Below, each month is a heading. Under it goes things that “shipped” that month. New client contracts, talks, alphas, betas, releases, open sourced libraries.

When I want to see what I’ve achieved this year, this is where I look. It keeps me focused on moving the needle, reminds me not to fill my days with transient busywork, but rather the 2-5 (typically 3) things that will still matter months from now.

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