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Taking a break! Went off to Easter Island where there was Little Internet. I could exchange messages, but couldn’t really load web pages. So I limited myself to posting one picture a day and disconnected a bit. It was so good for me. Then spent a night at Santiago airport, and arrived in Rio. One of my friends was supposed to join me but didn’t know she needed a visa so wasn’t allowed on the plane, which has been a bit rubbish.

Honestly feeling ready to be a bit boring for a while after all this rushing about! But also feeling very creatively recharged and productive.


Light week, mostly disconnected. But being offline made me focus and allowed me to make some significant progress on a project that I’d been stalling on, and I’m approaching a milestone with it which is awesome.

The Technically Speaking 6monthiversary continues. It’s going really well. I’m super excited and happy about it.


Reading Essentialism, and read a bunch of novels – mostly super frothy ones – The Frog Prince, Meet and Delete, My So-Called (Love) Life, Creature Comforts (I kinda like her books – they’re like fairy tales for adults), and now on this Dating Mr Darcy series.

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A new edition of Technically Speaking is out.

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