This Week



Last week in Bogota, so I took a couple of days to do some final exploring, and then caught a flight to Santiago.

Bit wrung out after the previous week, which was Intense and ended with a breakup. Trying to be kind to myself and just go to the gym when I want to cry… although twisting my ankle – twice – didn’t really help with that plan!

Caught up with friends, one of whom agreed to run away to Rio with me which is exciting. Realised I had mostly made flippant remarks about South America but a big part of why I came was was wanting to escape from tech industry bullshit. So even though it is a little lonely, and arriving alone in a new place is a bit overwhelming I’m trying to remember that. And to stay present rather than worrying about where I’m going to go in June!


Finished up an article which is coming out next week, shipped a new build on iOS and a bunch of client stuff. Need to figure out how to balance that with getting my own stuff done!


Watching more Gossip Girl, reading Professional Android 4 Application Development. Read Confessions of a Public Speaker, The Birthday Party, Just a Family Affair.

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A new edition of Technically Speaking is out.

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