This Week

swing in the sky
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Had a couple of days to catch up with my family and then headed back to Berlin for a bit. It’s nice to be back here and catch up with some friends! Tried to go to a doctor in the UK which was SUPER FUN because nomad problems. Annoying.

Booked most of my accommodation for South America! Will be in Columbia first, mostly in Bogota.


Gave a talk at NSConference, which went pretty well (storify of tweets), got to catch up with some other people and meet some fabulous new ones! Looking forward to seeing some of them again when I speak at NSScotland in the fall. It was the last NSConference, and there’s a tribute here which I think is amazing.

Did a bit of refactoring on the iOS Show and Hide tests and was able to release my image creation and comparison code open source.


Watching Gossip Girl (now season 2), and loving it so much! Reading some more of Thinking in Systems, and The Sleep Book (week 3 of 5). Novel-wise, reading The Only Way is Up.

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Went to Nottingham for ChaTime and Korean food. In Leicester, stayed at the Ramada Encore. Conference dinners at Le Bistrot Pierre and Chutney Ivy (both nice). Sandwiches from Delish, which were fab.


The Woman Speaker Slot is now on The Eloquent Woman.

A new edition of Technically Speaking is out.

Karen and I shared the background story of the Male Allies Bingo Card.

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