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Book: How to Invest Your Time Like Money

41zOzd9WEiL._SL250_ One of the things I really liked about How to Invest Your Time Like Money (Amazon) is how short it was. There are plenty of lengthy books written about time management, I know I’ve read a bunch of them, and some of them have been very helpful. This book though, is short and strategic.

Two key points, one of them similar to 168 Hours (Amazon) – which I also really liked. We all get 24 hours in the day. Your time budget is that 24 hours, minus necessary things like sleeping, eating etc. Whatever is left is what you have to work with. You need to be strategic about what you put in it. What are your priorities? Work, relationships, exercise, etc.

The other point I really liked was about layering, which is about fitting more in. This is combining things that use different channels – like listening to podcasts whilst walking, or talking on the phone whilst cleaning. This is what I do when I combine my workouts with watching TV.

For me this book was a <30 minute read. Well worth fitting into my time budget!