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Book: Women in IT: Inspiring the next generation

women in IT In the way of a lot of books that are a collection of blog posts, Women in IT (Amazon) is a bit disjointed and the writing varies. It’s also very promoting of the BCS which is not an organisation that I am involved with – I had to take a course at uni for accreditation which I found completely pointless and vowed never to join (never let it be said that I can’t hold a grudge).

That being said, it’s great to see my friends Hannah and Anne-Marie in a book! And they are both very inspiring. And as a Brit, it’s nice to see more highlighting of British women in tech – most media on this is pretty US-centric.

Other than that, my favourite was the entrepreneurship section, which included Dame Steve Shirley – with the hilarious story of how the equal opportunities act meant they had to start employing men!

It’s a free book, and a pretty short read. So if you’re interested and have time? May as well.