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Book: Women in IT: Inspiring the next generation

women in IT In the way of a lot of books that are a collection of blog posts, Women in IT (Amazon) is a bit disjointed and the writing varies. It’s also very promoting of the BCS which is not an organisation that I am involved with – I had to take a course at uni for accreditation which I found completely pointless and vowed never to join (never let it be said that I can’t hold a grudge).

That being said, it’s great to see my friends Hannah and Anne-Marie in a book! And they are both very inspiring. And as a Brit, it’s nice to see more highlighting of British women in tech – most media on this is pretty US-centric.

Other than that, my favourite was the entrepreneurship section, which included Dame Steve Shirley Рwith the hilarious story of how the equal opportunities act meant they had to start employing men!

It’s a free book, and a pretty short read. So if you’re interested and have time? May as well.