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Still in love with Berlin, and had a friend to stay for a bit which was great. Although I’m still a bit run down (and coughing!) which is rubbish – probably the cold here! Had brunch with someone over from the US for a few days, and a new Berlin friend organised dim sum with some other people, which was great.

Still haven’t figured out 1) exactly when I am leaving Berlin, and 2) where I am going after Amsterdam.


Sent out a new iOS build with what I think of as “the selfie bug” fixed. Images taken by the front facing camera have to be rotated to display correctly. So easy to fix once I knew what it was! But when I didn’t know it was the front facing camera… argh. Have another weird bug, but I need to sort out crash reporting which still isn’t working.

Android: my basic UI is nearly done (straight port of iOS), and now for the harder stuff.

Working on my talk for mdevcon, on unit testing UI code on iOS. I have the outline all done and I’m just filling in the content, pretty excited about it now.

Couple of meetings, including one about more male allies content. And prepping something excited for Technically Speaking! Really excited about that.


Went for breakfast at the Croissanterie, Roamers, Chipps (fave haunts), and Cabslam (okay)

Tea and bagels at Five Elephant, dinner at Tabibito (I love that place), Lily Burger, lunch at Nest (great sandwich) and Bastard (eggs and sweet potato, amaze). Dim sum at Aroma (fabulous).


Finished Kourtney and Khloe take the Hamptons and now watching Girls Season 2 (I don’t know if I like this show, it just seems so bizarre). More progress on The Black Swan, I don’t know if I’m actually finding it less tedious or if my expectations have been suitably lowered.

Read Balancing Act (I really liked this, it’s more like a snap shot of a period in the protagonists lives, rather than a defined story), and Before I Met You (which was beautiful, I loved it), re-reading Me and My Sisters.

Went to the Künstlerhaus Bethanien, which is a modern art gallery. Beautiful line drawings with string, which I really liked.

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My Famous Speech Friday on Maria Klawe’s response to Satya Nadella at GHC appeared on The Eloquent Woman.

A new edition of Technically Speaking is out.

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