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Enjoying Berlin, meeting people and touristing. I have a friend visiting from Canada, which is great. Still – still – coughing like I have typhoid but mostly when I’m cold so I’m getting back into working out more. Although still no swimming – sadness.

Met up with another man in tech for The Project (so far it’s going pretty well).

Was 24 miles short of Gold status (thanks to all the flights last year that didn’t count – grr!) but Air Canada let me have it anyway, which was nice!


Sent out the new faster build and my unit tests failed me so the images were reversed (basically when I refactored helper assert methods out into a separate class I messed them up). Fixed everything, and got some UX feedback, will work on that and send out a new build.

Really got started on Android, and got the home screen working. Spent a lot of time searching for what to search for – the hardest thing about moving onto a platform I’m less familiar with is I’m not sure what everything is called! I need to read more of the book.

Confirmed that I will be speaking at mdevcon, sharing some strategies I use for unit testing UI code on iOS. Also NSConference is coming up – really excited to be there, the lineup looks great.


Continuing to visit my favourites Tabibito, Roamers, and the Croissanterie, but exploring some new places including Floor’s (breakfast), The Barn (coffee shop), Susuru (udon, great decor), Companion Coffee, Mayflower (delicious Chinese food), Izumi (sushi, okay), Just a Bite (fancy tiny cupcakes, meh), Toca Rouge (Asian fusion, I don’t think I ordered well), Reisschale (Asian, cheap, I had a nice Thai red curry), Lagari (brunch!), Ron Telesky’s (so Canadian, there are moose, and a pizza called the Rob Ford) and Fräulein Wild (cake!).

Went to the Palace of Tears or the Tränenpalast, which is about the divide between East and West Berlin. It’s named for the station where people would have to say goodbye to their loved ones. It’s a great, and free, museum. I particularly liked the news real that contrasted news footage from the east with footage from the west, to compare and contrast.

I also went to the Designpanoptikum which is a surrealist museum of collected objects that combine form and function. It’s like, art from industrial design. Including an Iron Lung. The guy who runs it is absolutely fascinating and hilarious.


Watching Kourtney and Khloe take the Hamptons (very dramatic!). Apparently I have reached a milestone in The Black Swan and the rest can be viewed as kind of an appendix. Essentially the conclusion is a trading strategy: take a small amount of very high risk with a very high potential upside.

Read The Beach Hut Next Door, The Year I Met You (Cecelia Ahern always writes such thought provoking books), An Eligible Bachelor.

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A new edition of Technically Speaking is out, and @chiuki shared her notes from the hangout last week.

I’m quoted in this article in Time!

Also my UIImage test post is discussed on the iOS Bytes podcast.

We launched a redesign (by @krotondo) of the Male Allies bingo card, get it at

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I expected to see the Steinerne Brücke on that list of ancient bridges –it’s in Regensburg, also not *super* far from Berlin (it’s in northernish Bavaria), and it was the first bridge built over the Danube, so it was really important, trade route-wise. Also of note: a sausage stand that claims continuity back to the workers who built the bridge in the 13th century, and bits of the Roman city walls. Yes, I love that city 🙂 (I live in Munich and have family there.)

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Think it’s probably a bit far from Berlin – but when I end up in Munich next…!

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