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I packed up and moved to Berlin for a couple of months! Already I’ve hung out with some new and interesting people who live here, and had a visitor so that is great.

Still coughing which is horrible, but finally made it to the gym again where I was a bit pathetic. But at least I went! Replaced yet another Jawbone UP band.

Took a little road trip to Nottingham for my favourite iced tea which was great. Totally worth the hours drive each way!

Also, have a plan to rehabilitate myself on the tech industry


Getting feedback and delving into C to optimise some things which is a bit of a nightmare – not the best kind of coding when under the weather! And working on some writing projects etc.

Also decided to commit 2015 to being independent, making things and consulting. Pretty excited to keep travelling, I need to decide where to live next!


Got dinner with a friend in Leicester at Turtle Bay (okay, the mashed sweet potatoes were not everything I had hoped for). In Nottingham I had lunch at Miss Korea (bento box – very nice), a crepe at Aubrey’s Traditional Creperie (lovely!) and iced tea from Cha Time, oh I love Cha Time.

In Berlin, co-working at Agora where we also had lunch, brunch at Chipps (so great, I regret not going there when I was here in December!) and Lagari (great), dinner at Masaniello (Italian, okay), Tabibito (sushi, so cheap, so tasty), and  Wirtshaus Max und Moritz (traditional German, very nice). Also: waffle and tea at Lux (very nice), tiny cupcakes and hot chocolate at Tigertörtchen (divine).

We stopped in at Neue Wache, and went to the DDR Museum which was cool – very informative about life in East Germany before the wall came down.


Watching Veep Season 3 (exciting!). Reading, still, The Black Swan and Professional Android Application Development. Novels: The Difference a Day Makes, which I quite liked, and My Favourite Goodbye, which I’m finding a bit hard going, the men in it are a bit sexist and it is grating on me. Also the way that a woman critiques her reaction to her boyfriend pressuring her for sex (and him, and their mutual friend) made me uncomfortable.

Also watched a documentary a friend made, which was beautiful [trailer].

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A new edition of Technically Speaking is out.

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