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Hanging out in Bucharest which is nice, I’m glad to be settled in one spot for the longest period since maybe mid-September? It’s pretty chilly though, and there is not a ton of stuff to see here, but it’s fine, I work for a few hours, and explore for a few hours most days and it works out pretty nicely. Been really enjoying my own company, but possibly reaching the point where I start to get a bit weird so I will rejoin other humans at the end of next week.

Bunch of depressing news lately, which is making me a little despondent about humanity, and some harassment which was… not good.


Speakers are up for NSConference in March, including me! Thrilled to be part of a line up with so many awesome women.

Good progress on the app! Fixed the last big bug (although it’s too slow, and need to make it faster). Just trawling through all the little things. Waiting for some stuff from the designer and I should be able to send out on test flight soon. If you want to try it, and have an iThing of any description, send me an email and I’ll add you to my list.


Finished The Ethical Slut, realised that the book I wasn’t managing to read was The White Goddess, discovered it was about poetry and gave up (I can’t think what possessed me to buy it). Now I’m trying to read The Black Swan.

Very excited to be reading novels again (especially as I am alone and friendless in a cold city), and the end of my collection of Georgette Heyers (excepting two war themed ones that I don’t want to reread) is in sight. Lady of Quality, Masqueraders, The Nonesuch, Pistols for Two, Quiet Gentleman, Powder and Patch, Reluctant Widow, Sprig Muslin, Sylvester.

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A new edition of Technically Speaking is out.

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