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Catching up after three days in London, bit of a difficult week emotionally, back in the gym approaching normally but not working out for a while is still getting to me, although main thing was horrible writers block and terror at prepping at giving an entirely new talk! But I made it to Romania and now I’m settled in Bucharest for the next 11 days, which is great.


Couple of good meetings, and co-wrote an article (hopefully out soon) and prepped and gave my new conference talk (Mobile is a Systems Problem) at iOSNext in Cluj-Napoca. Seems to have gone OK, so hopefully I’ll be back for another event in July. Didn’t get as much coding done as I would have liked this week.


Broke the rules of no-novel November and read The Grand Sophy. Also read The Happiness of Pursuit: Finding the Quest That Will Bring Purpose to Your Life, nearly finished The Ethical Slut, and still getting nowhere with The Black Swan.

Watching How I Met Your Mother Season 2 at the gym, also! Finally downloaded The Mindy Project Season 2, yay!

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Decided I in fact hate The RE Hotel after the terrible night’s sleep featuring a screaming woman (not in distress), people having a super loud conversation outside my door at 3am and the staff not giving a shit (like not even listening to my complaint) when I tried to complain. So I’m never staying there again!

Brunch at Granger and Co. (which I adore, because it reminds me of living in Sydney) and dinner at Nizuni (fab).


My live tweeting my own talk post is on The Eloquent Woman, and a new edition of Technically Speaking is out.

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I am excited for you that you have The Mindy Project season 2 to watch! Lots of gems there. Also too bad that you’re struggling to get through The Black Swan, I think my strategy there may have been to mostly skim all the chapters that went into more detail than I was interested in 😛

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