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Mostly hiding away getting stuff done, and then in London for the weekend where I got to catch up with people. I’d hurt my knee, which sucked because 1) so much pain, and 2) I rely on regular exercise to keep me sane, especially during periods when I’m locked away working alone! But after quite a bit of codeine and a trip to the physio I’m doing much better!


Good! Some good news, and productive meetings, we’ll see if any of them turn into anything, and progress on a project. The app is looking super pretty and so close to done, so I can’t wait to get it out in the world soon!

And! My first piece of paid writing is out in the world! I’m monitoring the stats a tad obsessively. We also sent out the 2nd edition of Technically Speaking.


Got way too into The OC, although thankfully now it is over! Something about having worked for years in open plan offices is not being used to working in peace. Still reading The Ethical Slut, and The Black Swan, neither of which I’m enjoying that much.


Went to Coombe Abbey for tea (fancy), afternoon snack at Prezzo (nice seasonal vegetables). In London, lunch at MeatMission (tasty veggie burger, despite the name!) sushi at K10, brunch at Andina, dinner at Dishoom (yay for weirdly early dinners, and getting a seat in <20 mins).

Staying at the RE Hotel again, which is fine.


Also, my post “We Hire the Best” is in the latest edition of Model View Culture, and a new edition of Technically Speaking is out.

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