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Image by Danielle
Image by Danielle


Hanging out with my Oredev lady posseDanielle, Caitie, Chiu-Ki – which was awesome. And also got to briefly hang out with another friend at the airport for 10 mins, as she was on her way out of Sweden and I was on my way into it!

Good tech conferences pass the Huston Test every day – and this one did. We supported each other before each talk, and I will be sad when I have to power pose alone before my next talk, in the bathroom. The best power poses are at the front of the room in a group, ideally accompanied by a sound track (Roar! By Katy Perry)

Had a great time in Copenhagen and Malmo. This conference treated the speakers so, so well.


Mostly conference this week, bit of writing stuff (please let the end be in sight, please). Working on my delegating. Looking forward to some peace and quiet next week and being able to focus on writing code!

In a fit of inspiration, I refreshed my Distractedly Intimate talk to contain a preview of my next mobile talk, titled “Mobile is a Systems Problem”. I think the new one will make it’s debut when I speak in Romania at the end of this month.

Also @chiuki and I launched our newsletter Technically Speaking. Which was popular beyond our wildest imaginings so we (mostly me) spent a lot of time checking stats and exclaiming in amazement.


Finished Pioneer Programmer (which was great), now reading How To Deliver a TED Talk (interesting, making me think so far).


My friend @chiuki and I started a newsletter about public speaking in the tech industry, and sent out our first edition!

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