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A young European hedgehog
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Arrived back from Canada, so jetlagged! Spent a couple of days hiding away and coding, and then had a frantic few days in London. Great to catch up with some friends! Got to trade in my broken Jawbone and now I have a pink one – yay!


Meetings! Time with UX designer working on making the app pretty. Exciting!


Brunch and coworking at the Ace Hotel, I love the String Quartet at Hoi Polloi. Lunch at Ping Pong (BBQ pork buns!) and dinner at Dishoom, finally! I’ve been meaning to go forever, and also at Santore. Staying at the RE Hotel, not the best location but pretty comfortable and close enough, so I got a lot of walking in. Got to check out Shoreditch House – fancy!


Still working on Pioneer Programmer, but for light relief The Corinthian, A Civil Contact, Cotillion (probably my favourite of her books, just for the last couple of chapters), Cousin Kate, and now on False Colours. Back in the gym again – finally! So watching How I Met Your Mother Season 2. Background movies for coding: Bring it On, Wimbledon, The Princess Diaries 1 and 2, and She’s The Man.

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