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Let me tell you how much I wanted to love the Misfit Shine Wearable (Amazon). It’s so pretty! You don’t have to wear it on your wrist (something that sometimes irritates my skin on the Nike Fuelband, and slightly less so the Jawbone up).

The good:

  • It is very pretty.
  • I love the way it lights up.
  • There are a number of ways to wear it – necklace, leather watchstrap, and the attachment that comes free, which clips really nicely onto a bra strap.
  • Great support – after mine didn’t arrive from the US (stuck in customs,  mail not delivered at work)  they were really lovely about it, and when they accidentally sent me a second one they let me keep it.
  • You can swim in it!

The bad:

  • Data isn’t as detailed
  • Doesn’t sync automatically (have to open the app).
  • You interact with it by tapping it, but it doesn’t always respond to taps (I guess you don’t want it to be over-sensitive), I found I needed to hold the back of it whilst tapping the front to be most effective.
  • Shipping from the US took forever, got stopped in customs, taxed, and then I missed it (this is not their fault! And they handled it well!)

The reason why I’m not currently wearing a Misfit has nothing to do with the device itself and everything to do with the accessories. The first necklace broke within a week. Then I used the clip to attach it to my bra strap which worked well, until that broke too – luckily it was after I got out the swimming pool and I didn’t lose it. Then I used another necklace, which broke within a couple of days… and this time I lost the Misfit. I still have a spare, so I might return to it again, but for now I’m just living without it.

It’s such a shame, because I wanted to love it. And I do love the Misfit itself, just not the accessories. The reason why I didn’t buy more premium accessories was because I didn’t want to be stuck with them if the device itself broke. Oh, the irony.

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