This Week

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Hung out with friends, made it to the gym again – not as much as “usual” but a start. Still feeling a bit worn out but I think that is stress as much as anything else.

Sent off a draft of my book chapter again. Exciting! Eventually it will be the final draft, which is scary and awesome.


Saw The Commitments which was fun, although culturally appropriating (bunch of white people doing “Soul”) and somewhat sexist (what changes?). Went to the movies for the first time in ages and saw What If which I loved at least in part because it’s set in Canada. Read The Lies You Told Me which I really enjoyed, a little bit dark and gripping. Finished Gravitas, will post a review soon, and read It’s Not You: 27 (Wrong) Reasons You’re Single which I liked, short meditation on being single when the world tells you you should be part of a pair.

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Brunch at Cafe du Coin (meh), dinner at Addie’s Thai (yum), Kopapa (not quite as great as brunch was but still tasty), Da Mario (amazing pasta), and Sushino EN (wonderful, especially the spinach with sesame sauce), BBQ pork buns at Dragon Palace, desert at The Troubador Cafe,


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