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Gym and brunch with a new (local!) friend, faux-husband arrived from Sydney, all too briefly, which was amazing. Made it to an event at Twitter and got to catch up with a friend, had lunch with another (and dinner to round off the week, which was lovely), and spent the weekend in Shropshire for a wedding where I got to spend time with some old school friends who I hadn’t seen in forever. My parents took the opportunity to see me and have a little mini-break, so I got to see them too, which was lovely.

More progress on my book chapter. The end is in sight. I think.

Gave up my apartment! I’ll be travelling a bunch at the end of the year so it’s not work paying London rent for a while. Afterwards… we’ll see.

Super super worn down, been under the weather for about a week and a half now but no time to stop. Now it’s finally hitting me. Luckily I’ve had plenty of opportunity to stockpile flu meds. Less so food…


Red curry (I am obsessed) at Addie’s, hummus at Bill’s. Sushi at Ten Ten Tei (cheap and tasty!), cake at the Troubador.

In Shropshire, we stayed at the Castle Inn. Really nice rooms, very comfortable. Good food, too.


Re-reading The Darker Side of Love. Finished The Country Escape (good) but still on Gravitas. Watching the latest season of Modern Family.


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