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A friend from the US was over, and it was great to see her, and one of my other friends returned from months away, so we got to catch up (and plot!) which was awesome.

I still feel pretty energised, although I was pretty wrecked towards the end of the week but I actually took a vacation day (!!!) which was awesome. I worked out, and did non-work work (debugging my image filter app which I want to put up soon).

Trying something new where I do an hours writing before work, and go to the gym to chill out after work, which is working better than the other way around. I just need to be very focused on what is next, i.e. a blogpost that I’ve already thought about a bit, as I am not at my most creative right after I wake up!


Just hectic this week. Doing the least fun kinds of debugging. Had a presentation that I was really stressed about and didn’t feel good about after.


 Finished Veep Season 2, watched the last episodes of How I Met Your Mother (still don’t know how I feel about the ending), now getting into the latest season of Modern Family.

Finished The One and Only (I really liked it), now reading The Country Escape and still on Gravitas.

Went to see Digital Revolution at the Barbican, which was great. And also Sensational Butterflies at the Natural History museum, which was pretty small (20 minutes was plenty) but pretty cool.


More hummus at Bill’s, I can’t believe I didn’t eat hummus for years (it tasted too nutty) and now I am obsessed with it. Dinner at Wagamama’s, Ping Pong, and Addie’s Thai. Brunch, and separately cake at the Troubador. Lunch at Dozo. Tea at Muriel’s kitchen.

I need to start venturing out more, I’m not exploring new places lately.


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