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I’ve been feeling a bit flat lately, like I was doing little other than work, workout, and sleep (longer but at a lower quality than usual). So I’ve been making some changes, firstly I cut back on keeping food in my apartment – this drives me out in the morning at the weekend, and makes me more mindful about what I’m eating. I’ll venture out and get something if I’m actually hungry, not because it’s dinner time and there’s something in the fridge and I’m operating on auto-pilot. I’ve also ramped up my swimming again after having to take a break. Finally, I’m being strict about one work from home day a week, and on other days staying until 6 and leaving my laptop behind, rather than leaving early, taking it with me, and then working from home. And also not getting on the tube at the closest station, which is always super busy and stressful.

Finally, finally, I’m feeling better. More energetic, more engaged in the world, more creative. Although I think this is probably more related to discovering that something I wanted was not going to happen. I’ve been working like crazy for the last 6 months to try and set myself up for it, so I would have thought I’d be devastated. But actually I just feel… liberated relief. And I can stop working quite so hard – I think I’ve cancelled more vacation days than I’ve actually taken this year, and those that I have taken have not been relaxing! Like… moving into my apartment, giving a talk, helping out at a Stemettes event.

I’ve been saving my vacation to go to Tuvalu at the end of the year, but the friend I was going to go with can’t make it. Undecided about what I’ll do instead, maybe Thailand? I also want to go to Seoul. Probably still going to use it up for a long trip, as I plan to give up my apartment at the end of September and move somewhere new at the end of the year/start of next year.

Working on a new Secret Project with a friend, which is really fun so far.


OK. There are some things that are really annoying lately, but my actual work is going pretty well. I saw something I had been working on for the last few months all fitting together, which was exhilarating.


All finished The New Adventures of the Old Christine (yay), now watching Veep Season 2.

Reading The One and Only (good so far) and Gravitas.

Saw Forbidden Broadway, which was hilarious and amazing.


Thai at Addie’s, Brunch at Bill’s (hummus!), tapas from Brindisa (meh), ice cream at 3BIS (amazing).


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