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Some Things I’m Tired Of Hearing From Men About Women in Tech

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1. Ideas.

I am convinced that some men think that the reason why we don’t have more women in tech is because they haven’t thought about it yet. They are wrong. But they don’t know that so they make suggestions, sometimes not terrible suggestions, suggestions that are backed up by extensive literature and research… that they haven’t read.

Sometimes they try and give me things to do, and people to talk to. Like the problem is that I don’t do enough. They are wrong about that too.

2. “It’s getting better”

Actually, no. The numbers have been declining since the 80s [see graph in Julia’s slide deck, which is full of other great info]. And if they think that things are better because there are more female interns working (and sometimes being sexually harassed) in the office, I’ve covered that before.

3. “This happens to men too”

Oh please yes, let’s talk about the many, many inequalities that white men in tech face on a daily basis. These minor disappointments must seem really harsh in a life of constant and unappreciated privilege.

Yes, the constant demands to be a visible woman, mentor this intern, give that talk, host that event, the incessant casual undermining and occasional headline incident suffered whilst constantly smiling and being nice totally compare to that one time when no-one cared that you did that refactoring. Totally

4. “Babies”

Firstly this is not true (women leave the tech industry at a higher rate than they leave Science and Engineering) [5 reasons why women leave, this is #5]. Secondly, I thought we talked about this being a flexible industry that’s great for everyone. Did that tagline change to “no worse than Wall Street?” I must have missed that memo.

5. Fear and Tone Policing

The angry Feminist is unlikely to do any harm to your career. The last idiot who got fired for after calling women the C word was bragging about how easy it was to find another job the next day.

And most men who call women the C word do just fine.

The problem isn’t my tone, it’s structural fucking inequality. Put that in your pipe, and set yourself on fire.

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The problem isn’t my tone, it’s structural fucking inequality. Put that in your pipe, and set yourself on fire.

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