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Last year was rough, and even though things are a lot better now, I feel like I’m still experiencing… emotional aftershocks. I felt that this week. I’m not in The Dark Place anymore, but sometimes I’m reminded of it, and I see it again, and it scares me. But I went to the gym (I finally have a gym buddy!) and played with kettlebells, hung out with friends, saw my parents. Made time to read novels. Drank lots of tea and water. It’s OK.

I had this revelation during an early morning spin class last week that the power of the early morning workout has little to do metabolism and everything to do with making the thing you do for yourself the most important thing you do that day. The same applies to early morning writing too, I imagine. As the day goes on it’s easy to get caught up in other people’s demands, and priorities, and expectations. There’s something very centring about knowing that I already did something for myself, that no subsequent events can destroy. If anything, this is making it harder for me to make it to the gym first thing, and I have failed to do so ever since. I do prefer working out in the evening. It’s the best way to mentally disconnect and get a good sleep. But maybe I would be happier if I could consistently get up at 6am.

Speakers for Oredev are up! And I am on there!


Was expecting to head back to Seattle this weekend, but turns out I’m not. Stress levels reduced as a result! Have let go of the superstition that the last time I didn’t take a work trip Bad Things Ensued.

Challenging technically this week – I pushed to prod! So terrifying. Launched something! So exciting. Finally stages of design and starting to think about what we’ll do next quarter, and it’s looking good.

Stressful, but the good kind of stress – when I get to the other side of this, I’ll be better technically, a better leader. The kind of stress that promises concrete reward, rather than just… some kind of endurance challenge.


Brunch at Hoi Polloi (yummy, but the tiniest eggs on toast ever), sushi at Dozo (treating myself for surviving to Thursday),  Pham (Stemettes meetup), and Cocochan (no more Foursquare special, so sad). Lunch with parents at Palm Court Brasserie (meh).

Found the cutest shop! Happie Loves It.


Catching up on Covert Affairs in the gym, I really don’t know how people watch this show sat in front of the TV. I have to burn off the adrenaline from the drama as it arises. Still reading Gravitas, novel-wise re-read Forget Me Not, and now re-reading Flora’s Lot. Have a hard time finding things to say about novels I’ve read before, but they are a nice mental break without being totally mindless, at least.

Saw Day to Night at Rook and Raven – super cool pictures, loved it, although wish there had been more non-US pictures (the artists website is here). And Indoor Clouds at Ronchini Gallery, which was OK.

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My Returning To The Stage Part 2 post was on the Eloquent Woman (even if you’ve read it before, worth reading her intro). And Anne-Marie and I cowrote something for HuffPo: The Glass Ceiling Is Made of Bad Managers.

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