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Got back from the US, met up with people on Saturday and generally just chilled out. Got a lot of writing done, which is nice, and made some progress through the first round of feedback for the AOSA book chapter.


Pretty boring! Went to Granger & Co for brunch (always amazing), and hot chocolate and cake at Lola and Simon (tasty).


Finally finished 4 Hour Body, and also A Short Guide To A Happy Life, now reading Gravitas.

Finished The Tea Chest (some bizarre and unbelievable plot devices), and read Me Before You which was one of the most moving books I’ve read, I actually had trouble sleeping afterwards because it was so vivid, and Beauty, similar to her other books, but good escapism.

Catching up on Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother, this last season of HIMYM has been a big disjointed, but I’m getting more into it.

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Shared my friend’s #yesallwomen story anonymously on Medium.

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