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This Week

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Such a hectic week. Caught up with a friend visiting from Sydney (theatre!), spent a relaxed Saturday afternoon with another friend (more theatre!).

I gave a talk at iOSCon, which went well. And I had two conference proposals accepted, so that is cool. Something I wrote was pretty popular too, which is always nice. But exhausting, had very little time for myself, and next up I head to the US for 10 days. I’m starting to look forward to June, when all the craziness is over and I can just chill out.


Just a four day week as I booked a day off for iOSCon. Bit stressed by something, same as I was last week. Just trying to stay calm and hope that it will get better! Hopefully being out the country for a bit will help. One of those weeks where even though it’s not badly intentioned, I really felt how male-dominated it is.


Incredibly rushed pre-theatre dinner at Bone Daddies (the lychee sakatini was good though, although my hangover the following day was not),  speaker dinner at The Crown Tavern (nice for pub food), takeout from Addie’s Thai. Fancy sushi at Chotto Matte, great desert with cherry sorbet.


Still working on An Absolute Deception (I don’t recall ever reading a novel so slowly), 4 Hour Body (still swimming more, upped the kettlebell swings to 75 @ 20 kilos one day, and 100 @ 16 kilos another).

Saw Matilda, quite nostalgic – I loved Roald Dahl growing up. The way they have changed the story for theatre is a bit weird, but it was a fun show. Also saw The Pyjama Game which was cool. Got a really good deal on matinee tickets, and then they upgraded our seats too – yay! There were some problematic bits (why is possessiveness seen as a desirable trait when portraying romantic relationships?) but had some of the best portrayal of women that I’ve seen in a while.

Re-watching Fairly Legal. Good movie, strong, relatable female characters. Interesting stories.

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