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I sent out the first draft of my writing for That Project, which I kept not quite ‘fessing up to so here it is: I’m contributing a book chapter to the Architecture of Open Source 500 Lines or Less project. Which I’m super excited about, but have also had the usual worries about people realising I am woefully unqualified and changing their mind. With this milestone though I’m willing to entertain the probability that is all in my head, and put it out there. You can see my code here, and if you want a preview of the writing ping me because I would love the feedback.

Prepping for my upcoming talks at iOS Con and ModevUX – working on my content and slides, scheduling some coaching from the amazing Denise. I’m also going to be on a panel at Modev, which is exciting, so I’m doing some prep for that.

Took a vacay day to do a Stemettes workshop at Accenture. We made apps using AppShed, which is so cool! It’s so easy to make a little mobile site. And I met one of their female MDs, she was super cool. Used to code in COBOL!

Nicely anti-social week in preparation for the craziness of next week – talk, workshop, friend in town, international flight etc. Got a lot of gym time in, I’ve been swimming more which is great, although I currently ache all over, which isn’t.


So little code this week (well, 3 day week) so much writing. Finally got the design document I’ve been working on for a while done enough to circulate, and wrote a little demo script. Then got cracking on another design doc.


Takeout from Addie’s Thai, incredible deserts at Aux Merveilleux, sushi at Dozo (my fave). Got a bento box at ribon, which was nice. Also went to Honest Burgers which was tasty.


Yay for new episodes of The Good Wife and How I Met Your Mother, still catching up on Covert Affairs. Quite liking Melissa and Joey.  UK iTunes is annoying me so much, because it is way behind the US (I still can’t get Season 2 of Veep, or Season 3 of Hart of Dixie) and the season passes are erratic (you don’t consistently get one new episode a week). Most annoying is that I can’t get the latest two seasons of Drop Dead Diva.

Still working on An Absolute Deception (maybe I should switch to another book), 4 Hour Body (still swimming more, now adding 75 kettlebell swings roughly every other day). Finished Manage Your Day To Day.

Finally watched the Amy Cuddy TED talk – Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are. It’s one of those that I didn’t get around to watching for ages because I’d head so much about it and thought “OK, power poses, got it”. Turns out, that is the least of it. It’s an amazing talk, how she got into researching that and related things I found super interesting, and she talks about “faking it until you become it” which was a really powerful story. Loved it.

Went to see the Liu Bolin aka The Invisible Man exhibit at Scream. The gallery isn’t open at weekends (so annoying) so I went on the way home from the Stemette’s event. It was great, I wasn’t sure how much better it would be, because of course I’ve seen his work online, but the full size prints are awesome. It was well worth the visit.

Also caught The Brits Who Built The Modern World, At RIBA, which was cool although a little rushed (turns out they shut at 5, I thought I had until 6), and took a lightening tour around the Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition at Somerset House – this huge building in the middle of London. My favourites were by Frauke Thielking (pictures of artist studio floors), Kylli Sparre (otherworldly pictures) and Samantha Fortenberry (also ethereal).

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Elsewhere on the internet, my Returning to The Stage… After Harassment post was republished on The Eloquent Woman (one of my favourite blogs).

And Skills Matter put up an interview with me in advance of my iOSCon talk.


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