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Credit: DeviantArt / ARISAmizutani
Credit: DeviantArt / ARISAmizutani


My sleep schedule was finally somewhat fixed after the long weekend, and I’m feeling so much better as a result. Got a lot of gym time in, including a double which I haven’t done in ages! Although not the classes (weights, yoga) that I want to. But it’s a start. Went to a friend’s for a (fabulous) easter lunch, and out for dinner twice but was otherwise anti-social this week. Went to see my parents for the weekend.

My website went down – argh such a nightmare – rogue plugin destroyed everything during an update. I uninstalled it, so now I need to go back and replace places where it was used (been meaning to do this anyway). So annoying. I thought I was going to have to reinstall everything, but then I realised database backups were separate from non-website backups, so I restored to a backup, and just had to re-upload a couple of photos. Then, some percentage of the time (judging from stats, maybe 50%) it was rendering wingdings gobbledegook instead of… well, anything. But I uninstalled, deleted, and replaced my caching plugin and now I think things are working again. My stats are back to normal, which is a good sign.

Not much side-project progress this week, my website woes and going out of town took up most of the time I have for that kind of thing. I need to submit my first draft, and respond to code review comments. Hopefully I’ll have some time later today. Otherwise next weekend is a long weekend (yay), and also my birthday (meh).

Broke another Nike Fuelband (display no longer working), but I have a spare so it is all good. I’m really liking liking the new bluetooth UP band.

There is a tube strike next week, which is going to be a nightmare.

I’m speaking next month at iOS Con, in London. The announcement is up.


Got stuff finished this week, which felt great! I need to do a better job of carving out time for some longer term things, I keep being all “just fix this little thing and…” and then there are more little things. But my TODO list is looking more manageable (it was filling my one postit that I limit it to) and that is a start.

Took a training course, which I was pretty ambivalent about. It was targeted at women, which is why I signed up for it, but it was very Lean In.

Wider tech industry has been pretty awful this week. People who I’m friends with, or follow and relate to on Twitter have been having a rough time of it. Especially given timezones, a lot of this plays out during my evenings, and then I get up the following day trying to feel OK about still being in this industry, and to be honest, I don’t. It’s appalling.


Sushi at Dozo (the Soho branch) which was amazing, and dinner at Oliveto, the pizza was awesome. Had pancakes at My Old Dutch in between workouts (savoury one was not as nice as I’d hoped).


Addicted to The Good Wife, it’s got some of the best portrayals of women that I have ever seen and I’m loving legal drama as an escape from sexist tech drama. Also, I find the tech companies features and their relationship to real world tech companies hilarious. Still working on An Absolute Deception4 Hour Body (reading slowly to try out tips as I go), and Manage Your Day To Day.

Saw Waterbabies in Leicester, which was just weird. Kind of Oliver Twist meets Peter Pan. We had pretty terrible seats (up high) and I don’t know if my disconnect from it was because we were so far away from the action, or because it was just a terrible story with weak lyrics.

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I love the Good Wife! It is definitely addicting. Alicia is pretty cool 🙂

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