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This Week

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I’m not sleeping well and it’s making me exhausted and grumpy, but yay for four day weekends, been able to get some good workouts in, including swimming (I haven’t swam in weeks!) and feel so much better as a result.

My first draft of The Thing is done. I’m so happy, now all that is left are little tweaks. Such a relief to have this substantially done, it has been a lot of work. Will share exactly what it is soon.


Busy busy, I feel like I keep getting 90% done with things and getting distracted lately, but I finished one thing that I had not-quite-complete at the end of the previous week, and made some progress on some other things.

Gave a talk at the BCS Lovelace Colloquium, which people responded to really positively, which was nice.


Dim Sum from Dragon Palace (BBQ pork buns!). Went out for sushi at Sake No Hana (pricey but delicious).


Finished Veronica Mars – finally! Watching The Good Wife now, which is amazing – happy to find another TV show with strong female characters. The main female character is such a departure – she’s reserved to the point of being cold, and it’s so refreshing. Still reading An Absolute Deception, and 4 Hour Body (reading slowly to try out tips as I go), and Manage Your Day To Day.

Saw Political Animal at the Udderbelly Festival at Southbank, which was funny, although I’ve not been following UK politics so some of the references I missed.

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Elsewhere on the Internet, I was on a podcast talking about my upcoming talk at ModevUX.