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Had a lovely time in Frankfurt, the Luminale was cool, although I got sick which is never the funnest. Went to Oxford for the Be The Eloquent Woman workshop which was fantastic, met some great people. Caught up with a friend, and a colleague who came over from another office in Oxford, went for dinner with a friend and his fiancee and had lunch with a woman I met a few weeks ago. Got an intro to someone about yet another potential side project, and also working on another potential speaking opportunity.

Finally got around to unboxing my misfit wearable. And getting a haircut! Weekend is for once pure Cate-time. Art, gym, writing (want to finish this project so I can move onto other things!)


3 day week which is always busier. Wrote a lot of tests. Worked on a design doc. Not the greatest week, to be honest. Things with bad associations, even if in themselves they weren’t.


Treated myself to dim sum from Dragon Palace (BBQ pork buns… mmm) and had dinner at Ken Lo’s Memories of China (tasty). In Oxford, had breakfast at Bill’s, and stayed at the Malmaison, a converted jail but comfortable! Although they didn’t have conditioner, which always annoys me.


Watching Covert Affairs Season 4How I Met Your Mother Season 9, but mostly really loving Veronica Mars. At first it was pleasant background noise whilst doing other things (like email, or writing tests), and somewhere around the middle of season 1 I just got completely hooked on it. Finished The Richer Sex (such an interesting book).

Novel-wise, reading An Absolute Deception.

Caught the last of some amazing art shows over the weekend, including Boomoon, and stopped by the Bernard Jacobson Gallery which has these incredible pieces made from tiny wrapped packages, in different colours, so cool. Dale Chihuly: Beyond the Object was amazing, such incredible glass work. And finally I went to Sensing Spaces at the Royal Academy, which was interesting. I loved the scale, but it was pretty crowded which maybe meant I didn’t appreciate the space as much.

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