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Mostly exhausted from travel and working a lot because of Looming Deadline, and in desperate need of a haircut – which I should before everyone unfollows me on twitter me for tweeting too frequently that my hair is making me despondent. Managed to get in a couple of workouts, submit a conference proposal, and then took off to Frankfurt for a weekend (to see the Luminale). I have big plans next weekend to not go to an airport.

Went to the Eloquent Woman event at the Houses of Parliament which was amazing, although getting in was scary – lots of men with guns. Afterwards I had drinks with Denise, I’m a huge fan of her blog so it was great to meet her in real life. Next week I’m taking her training course in Oxford.

Tough decision but cancelled my flights to NZ. Just too much on right now, and I need to focus on some other things. I might try and get away for a bit over my birthday in May instead.


Busy busy with the Looming Deadline, performance review time, and I had a lot of emails to delete after the previous hectic week when I wasn’t even bothering to carry my laptop around! Although did manage to have a day working from home writing tests (this is basically like relaxing, IMO). Got some nice feedback from my manager from Q1, and I’m looking forward to getting stuck into my next project. Got some design doc writing to do next week!


I drank hot chocolate at a pub, it was nice. And went to the Palace of Westminster – haven’t been there since I went with my politics class (soon after dropped) 11+ years ago.


Watching Covert Affairs Season 4How I Met Your Mother Season 9, and Veronica Mars. Bit more progress on 4 Hour Body (now trying to stop eating/drinking fruit), and The Richer Sex (so fascinating). Re-reading Between Males, which isn’t my favourite of Fiona Walker’s books and was annoying me in a dysfunctional relationships, woman needing to be rescued kind of way, but I’m approaching the end and at some point started to really enjoy it!

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