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This Week

manipulated pic of me in prage
manipulated pic of me in prage


Not much going on, I had dinner with a friend’s girlfriend, which was nice as I finally got to meet her and we had a lot in common! Also had lunch with a friend, and caught up with another on video chat but spent a lot of time in front of my computer this week, as I was submitting my code for review on this side project I’ve been working on (will reveal soon). So I was frantically dealing with that, working my way through 3 different mocking frameworks only to end up back at the first one, getting github set up etc etc.

Also, one of my talk proposals was accepted – will post when/where soon.

Made it to the gym just 3 times, so nowhere near as much as I should have, but the up side of this week being so busy and exhausting is that I think I finally made it back properly to British time… before I leave for SF and MTV next week.

I did make it out to a school to talk about working in tech, and also to the Accenture International Women’s Day event, which was amazing.


Busy busy busy. Meetings about planning, wrote up a doc, and of course – lots of coding! Ended last week feeling frustrated and like I was getting nowhere, and then Monday was really good as I finished stuff… and then ended the week feeling overwhelmed and confused again. I guess this is learning.


Had dinner at Addie’s Thai cafe, which was fab and very convenient for my apartment, desert at the Troubador Cafe (always lovely), lunch at the Japanese Canteen after this school visit (I was so hungry anything would have tasted good), and breakfast at The Muffin Man which was really nice – they have crumpets.


Finally up to date on Keeping up with the Kardashians, which I think is a good thing for me… reading A Year Like No Other which I’m unsure about so far.

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